Diagnostic evaluation: Designed to rule in or rule out specific central auditory processing disorder and to clarify the nature of the deficit. Evaluation includes tests of puretone hearing, speech recognition, middle ear function, noise tolerance, auditory discrimination, temporal processing, and binaural processing.

Pre-school assessment: Designed to provide a better understanding of a childē—“ strengths and weaknesses with respect to developing auditory processing skills. Assessment includes formal screening indices and informal tasks designed to look at "preschool precursors" of auditory processing.

Office visit includes a 30-45 minute assessment with the client followed by 45-60 minute consultation with family to discuss results and intervention strategies designed to minimize deficit impact and improve skills. Written report of evaluation available 7-10 days following office visit.

Report includes tests administered and results, diagnostic impressions; discussion of impact of CAPD, if identified, on listenerē—“ life skills; and deficit-specific intervention strategies including appropriate therapy activities, compensatory strategies, and environmental modifications for home and school.

No additional cost for multiple copies or express delivery of report.

Therapy: Individualized hour-long aural rehabilitation sessions designed to remediate impaired auditory skills, teach compensatory strategies, and assist families in managing day-to-day impact of CAPD. Aural rehabilitation sessions are offered in ten-week blocks in order to monitor treatment effectiveness and to provide most cost-efficient benefit to the client.

Consultation: Follow-up phone and/or email consultation with client, families, related professionals, and/or school district personnel provided at no cost. Participation at IEP meetings and/or staffings. Record review and consultation. Expert testimony.

Networking: Referrals to related professionals (e.g., speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, developmental optometrists, educational specialists, psychologists) for follow-up or consultation as needed.

Education: Available for professional staff development, inservice workshops, parent group meetings for presentations ranging in length from 1-hour to a full-day (8 hours).